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Designed by one of the foremost headache experts in the world, and most professional IT program developers anywhere, our original and unprecedented online headache diary tracks each user's symptoms, providing them with data to identify their headache triggers and alter those lifestyle patterns that prevent or detract from real headache control. This will assist employees and their health care providers to:

•  Identify and avoid headache triggers
•  Track and modify deleterious medication use patterns
Medication overuse headache is an increasing and remarkably common problem; analgesic overuse in particular can also result in other costly conditions such as gastritis, ulcers, or liver damage.
•  Delineate pain patterns, which may lead to accurate diagnosis
While each user’s individual confidentiality is assured, access to de-identified aggregate data and to our statistical analytic tools can help you with the following:

• Tracking outcomes data
Over time, you can see how well your wellness and health promotion programs for headache and migraine are performing by watching the improvement in overall headache scores, which in turn translates to less work loss and increased productivity.

•  View general patterns of headache triggers
If there is a common pattern of unusual headache triggers occurring in your employee population, it may be worthwhile to assess whether those could be targeted in some way. A small change in environment or work habits can eliminate the most common triggers in this group, leading to a happier, healthier, and more focused workforce.

Adding this thoroughgoing and immersive health promotion program targeting headache and migraine to your benefits package will not only improve employee productivity, it will also increase employee retention. Affecting 13% of the workforce, these conditions are costing employers more than was ever realized before both in terms of sick days and lowered productivity. Our program can reduce this financial impact in your company to an absolute minimum.


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HEADquarters Migraine Management promotes the patient-centered care of headache and migraine, migraine awareness, wellness management, return on employer personnel investment, and increased employee productivity through migraine awareness training and education.
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