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Not everything we do is oriented toward the workplace, although reducing productivity losses is the major focus of HEADquarters Migraine Management. Migraine awareness can be a useful and effective tool in other endeavors as well.

•  Product Placement Consultation
Migraine sufferers can be very sensitive to certain odors, fragrances, or flavors. Migraine affects 12% of the US population, and 15% of the European community. If this proportion of market share is of concern to your product line’s performance, we may be able to be of assistance.

There are also important comorbidities between some headache conditions and other conditions. For example, individuals with nasal allergies are 14 times more likely to suffer from migraine. Or consider this: obesity substantially increases the likelihood of chronic headache. Similar considerations may be important in the placement of your product lines.

We are happy to provide expert consultation to assist you in appropriate product placement to optimize your sales and to avoid losing an important market segment.

•  Marketing and Advertising Consultation
You may have absolute faith in your advertising agency, but chances are that they are not experts in headache and migraine. When you have a specialized need, come to the experts for specialized advice. We understand the mind of the migraineur.

•  Motivational Speakers
We have access to active, vital professional women and men with migraine, cluster headache, or other headache disorders who are successful in life despite their headaches. Hear how they have learned to manage their headaches and regained control of their lives.


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HEADquarters Migraine Management promotes the patient-centered care of headache and migraine, migraine awareness, wellness management, return on employer personnel investment, and increased employee productivity through migraine awareness training and education.
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