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HEADquarters Migraine Management provides a wellness-based health promotion program designed to educate your people about headache, and assist them in making the lifestyle changes necessary to gain greater control over the impact headaches have over their lives. This can result in significant reductions in productivity losses in the workplace by reducing both absenteeism and presenteeism due to headache.

We provide:

•  Headache and Migraine Awareness education
We can provide educational formats that best suit your workforce:
lecture, computer-based learning, or text-based formats.

•  Migraine Sensitivity Training
Management is often unaware of the impact that migraine and other types of headache can have on the employee. Most headache sufferers are highly motivated to perform at their best, and would like to be able to maximize their potential without the added stress of worrying that their manager thinks they are using headache as an excuse.

•  Informational Website for Headache and Migraine sufferers
Our companion website, www.migrainesurvival.com , offers comprehensive information regarding types of headaches, their treatment, comorbid conditions, headache triggers, causes of headache, and other useful information. Also included is our unparalleled headache diary.

•  Confidential Online Headache Diary Data Tracking
Headache sufferers can track their headaches by using our online headache diary, the most complete and most innovative headache diary available. This permits users to graphically document their pain levels, and also allows them to track their headache triggers over time. Trigger reduction is one of the most effective methods of controlling headaches naturally. While we assure each individual user of absolute confidentiality of the data submitted, aggregate data can be collected for outcomes analysis.

•  Site Visits
Evaluation of your workplace may be appropriate to be certain that there are no inherent headache triggers that may be unnecessarily inducing migraine attacks in the work environment. Cost-effective remedies are often available.

•  Migraine Impact Analysis
We can provide an analysis of the impact of migraine on your organization's productivity losses due to migraine.


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HEADquarters Migraine Management promotes the patient-centered care of headache and migraine, migraine awareness, wellness management, return on employer personnel investment, and increased employee productivity through migraine awareness training and education.
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