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Migraine affects 12% of the US population, and 15% of the European population. Chronic daily headache affects about 4% of the general population. Only half of all migraine sufferers have been diagnosed, and even of those who have, many take only over-the-counter medications and are not receiving effective care. Many headache sufferers, in desperation, overuse analgesic medication, resulting in medication overuse headaches. Health promotion, education, and prevention provide a better way.

•  Preserve Employee Loyalty

A company is only as strong as its people. Be a company that cares about your employee base enough to invest in health promotion and brand for wellness. Let us help you to focus your wellness plan by targeting the most common neurologic disorder: migraine.

•  Curb Health Care Expenditures

Chronic headache sufferers who overuse analgesics are at increased risk for gastritis, liver damage, and ulcers—in addition to increased headache frequency and severity due to medication overuse headache syndrome.

Recent studies conducted by Thomson Medstat, sponsored by OrthoMcNeil, revealed that the direct costs of delivering care to employees with migraine headaches was $12.7 billion annually.

•  Reduce Productivity Losses

Headache can incur significant costs due to lost productivity. The study referenced above also found that the indirect costs of migraine—that is the costs due to absenteeism, short term disability, and worker's compensation—were about $12 billion annually. This, however, does not even begin to address the productivity losses attributable to presenteeism. Migraineurs tend to stay at work with headaches, but report being 40-60% less productive than when they are headache-free. Estimates of lost productivity due to migraine range between 2.4 and 3.6 hours/week per migraine sufferer. Your overall productivity losses related to headache are likely to be substantial.

•  Return on Investment

A migraine awareness health promotion campaign and wellness program can substantially reduce your productivity losses due to headache and migraine, and can also decrease overall health care expenditures. Even taking into consideration the referral of new cases for treatment, the overall reduction of headache burden results in a reduction in both the direct costs treatment and a substantial reduction in productivity losses. Your health promotion investment will more than pay for itself.

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HEADquarters Migraine Management promotes the patient-centered care of headache and migraine, migraine awareness, wellness management, return on employer personnel investment, and increased employee productivity through migraine awareness training and education.
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